Fantastic talks, a lot fo new stuff and mind controlled drones

AgentConf 2020
is history and we got great Feedback

Thanks for having me at AgentConf. I had a really great time and I have to say the quality of the talks was excellent, probably the best I've seen overall. Great job on everything.

Thanks so much for organizing this conference, it's been nothing short of amazing. This conference is the best!

You did a really incredible job organizing everything. Impossible to have more fun at a conference!

"Someone gives you 2 million dollars and tells you to plan a tech conference that is specific to your personal interests. What would it be?"

Pretty much just AgentConf tbh.

The Talks

The web's missing Forms API
Jared Palmer
The New New React Native Redbox
Rick Hanlon II
What is the deal with internationalisation?
Eli Schutze Ramirez
Mind-Reading with Adaptive UIs
David Khourshid
Introduction to building a universal app with React Native and Expo
Brent Vatne
Rethinking SPAs: web-native apps
David Leitner
Building reusable UI libraries with React
Cassidy Williams
To d3, or not
Princiya Sequeira
The Future of Real-time | Offline | Data
Nader Dabit
The past, present and future of CSS-in-JS
Max Stoiber
Controlling apps with your mind
Vladimir Novick
React Native and Accessibility
Erin Fox
Drawing the line between 3rd party and handcrafted code
Glenn Reyes
Chrome Developer Tools
Simon Zünd
React: Lifting state up is killing your app
Andrey Goncharov
Hello generics, Goodbye boilerplate
Miroslav Jonaš
AgentConf is all about inspiration, engineering and friendship

Stay tuned for updates!

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